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The More Than Human project aims to take the negativity that stems from losing a body part and transform it into a positive through a fusion of art and medical devices. The idea is not to hide these physical losses by wearing beautiful or cool clothes and accessories, but instead to make these physical limitations shine. However, because every user has a different way of thinking, we hope to foster a society where people can freely choose to wear a prosthetic that shines. We hope that this project will bring about a more open society; one that accepts diversity and does not view physical handicaps as disabilities.

type-Unicorn’s design is an abstract representation of sub-culture design in Japan. There is a huge following for Japan’s Kawaii (cute) sub-culture, but the Kakkoi (cool) sub-culture also is important. This Kakkoi (cool) factor can be seen abstractly broken down and reconstructed in type-Unicorn and More Than Human’s designs.


Modeling using Lightwave. Print using 3D Systems ProX500.

More Than Human creates works in collaboration with corporations. This is in a bid to create a society where different companies and industries can come together in a common cause where art is the central focus.


Conceptual Producer, 3D Modeling
Taketo Kobayashi
Conceptual Producer, Designer
Yoshinori Sakamaki a.k.a. Sense


  • Luki Huber

    Luki Huber

    Luki Huber
    Product designer

    It is extremely important that prostheses become not only functional but also increasingly more beautiful. Beauty has an important function in nature, and in the past this aspect has not always been addressed properly when developing prostheses. Every project that helps to correct this flaw is a highly valuable project—as this project certainly is.

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