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FabCafe Toulouse

9/15、FabCafe ToulouseにてYouFab Kick Off Partyを開催!

フランスにあるFabCafe ToulouseはFabCafeのグローバルの中でも、昨年ジョインした新し目のFabCafe。大きなFabCafeの中にあるFabCafeでYouFabのお披露目パーティーを開催します!


The candidacy for the 5th edition of YouFab Global Creative Awards is opening now. Different from our previous editions, there is special prize, Yamaha Award, offered by YAMAHA CORPORATION in this year. The French makers and the community of Artilect FabLab Toulouse are familiar with the concept of FabLab and the idea of digital fabrication. But, they still have many questions on FabCafe, YouFab and Yamaha Award. In order to let our public have more ideas about them, FabCafe Toulouse will organizer YouFab 2016 Kickoff Party. This event will take place in FabCafe Toulouse on September 15th, 2016.

The evening starts by a welcome cocktail at 7:30PM. Early arrivals can have some fresh drinks and have casual conversations with other guests. The program* of Kick off Party is:

Open speech and introduction of FabCafe by Mrs. Lingchih YANG (FabCafe Toulouse)
Promotion of YouFab Award by Ms. Mariko SUZUKI (FabCafe Tokyo)
Promotion of Yamaha Award by Mr. KAMIYA (YAMAHA CORPORATION)
RoundTable with:

Mr. Laurent BARROU (Industrial Designer of AirBus);
Mrs. Diane TROUILLET (PhD in Biology. Responsable of BioFabLab in Artilect );
Mr. Romain ROUX (Designer of an instrument for handicapped);
Mr. Yven DUTHEN (PhD in Computer Science, Professor and Vice-President of University of Toulouse. Also, a Bass player);

This roundtable will be conducted by Mr. Boris MAYNADIER ( Professor of ICD – Business School in Toulouse);
Cocktail and networking time starts at 9:15PM and finishes at 11PM.

There are some activities (Photomaton, games, workshops and exhibits) will be organized through the eventing. We wish all the guests will have a pleasant evening with FabCafe Toulouse.

We are welcome the ones who are curious about YouFab Global Creative Awards and who tend to participate in this contest to join us in this evening. YouFab Kick-Off Party 2016 is free. But have limited places. To reserve your place, please go to FabCafe Toulouse website (start on August 15th). For further information, please contact: .

FabCafe Toulouse looks forward to meeting you in YouFab Kick-Off 2016 on September 15.
Some practical informations:
Where to find us : 27bis Allees Maurice Sarraut 31300 Toulouse, France (Private Parking)
How to come here: Metro line A at Station Patte d’Oie or Station Arene / Tram at Station Arene

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