YouFab 2018 Exhibition Polemica! 2/17 – 3/3

Jan.16, 2019

*The new exhibition date has been updated (Feb 1)

FabCafe is proud to announce the final judgement results for the global creative award in the area of digital fabrication , the “YouFab Global Creative Awards 2018″. See here for the final results page.

From Sunday, February 17th to Sunday, March 3th, we will be exhibiting the award-winning works including the Grand Prize, First Prize, General Award, Student Award, Lion Award, and Finalists at the Kudan House located in Kudanshita, Tokyo.

Please join us for this rare opportunity to see this impressive collection of winning Japanese and international creator’s works.

2019/2/17 (Sunday) – 2/19 (Tuesday), 2/24 -3/3(Sunday)
Time: 11:00-18:00 (Opens till 20:00 on 2/28,3/1,3/2)

*The entrance will be closed 30 mins before the exhibition closing time.
*”Fusion” will be exhibited from Feb 17th- 19th. The videos booth where you can watch  all the winners videos will start from Feb 24th.

Location:Kudan House

Built by three architects representing Japan in 1927 (Mr. Katsura Naito, Mr. Shichiro Kinoko and Mr. Kenji Imai), this mansion is a beautiful curved Spanish design and a representative work of the early days of reinforced concrete. It is a building that has carved its name in the history of Japan.

Kudan House (1-15-9 Kudankita, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo)


Fish Hammer(Grand Prize)

The goldfish swims around the aquarium, unaware of the sensor above which is communicating its movement to the hammer outside. The fish moves and the hammer crashes down on the miniature furniture outside. This work raises questions related to the influence of humans on the ecosystem.

Mind in the Machine(First Prize)

This piece takes the brainwave signals of the factory worker and programs the machine to create a knit that reflects her cognitive states. It is a project that reflects on the mark of the human hand in the age of mechanical production, as well as all of the anonymous human contributions involved in an economy of automation.

Typhoon I(General Prize)

This is an image of a wave generated by a typhoon transformed into a relief made of paper strips. The force of the wave is felt in the spikes and physicality of the paper.

Fusion (Student Award)

Fusion is a body surrogacy system that aims to reshape the way we communicate and collaborate. It explores a new radical way to use telepresence technology in a hybrid way by combining technology into our bodies and morphing the way of mutual collaboration.

Hack the Natural Objects.(Lion Prize)

This device incorporates features such as sensors into “natural objects” such as stones and branches. Through these sensors, users can control output such as volume and brightness by changing the natural object’s positioning. This work explores a scenery where natural things blend seamlessly with technology in an everyday setting.

Textile Story (By Witaya Junma )

Museum for a future (By Olivia Guigue)

TRUSTLESS LIFE (By Akihiro Kato)

Printing the Scenery on Something that Was Once a Part of the Scenery (By IWASAKI HIROMASA)

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