Audi Mind Race

Antiloop  (Spain)

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By Antiloop (Spain)

Audi Mind Race

This was a project created by Antiloop in collaboration with SCACS to create a unique experience for the FC Barcelona players: controlling cars with the power of their minds.

The Audi Mind Race circuit is a custom designed, hand made, slot car track. The white race platform was combined with projection mapping with real-time art generation. We used MindWave bluetooth devices by NeuroSky to detect the attention levels of the players.

Imagine gathering some of Europe’s most talented athletes and letting them compete in a whole new way. Their career in professional sports demands exceptional mental conditioning and stamina to support their physical fitness. This challenge tested their mental strength from a never-seen perspective, as the players’ attention levels would power slot cars. With this competition, Audi would not only draw the attention of car enthusiasts but also football fans and technology aficionados.



The cars on the track were Audi R18 replicas exclusively built for the Audi Mind Race. The slot-cars have a 1:18 size ratio and they can reach 50 km/h speed in a 20 meter straight.

The projection on the board’s surface was handled by two high-performance projectors. The event had five different stages: stand-by, presentation, race, last lap, race end. Each phase had its own animations varying in visual intensity.

Short individual animations were created for each player and were projected in front of the cars during the presentation phase.

We experimented with different visual solutions in order to project real-time graphics around the cars. In order to easily distinguish between the tracks, we drew trails of different shapes and colors behind the cars which also improved the visual effect.

The complete circuit was integrated by:
- 8 Mindwave devices
- 8 nodes servers, to process the Mindwave’s data
- Arduino boards
- A central controller computer
- An industrial infrared camera to track the cars positions
- 2 professional projectors
- 20 infrared light sources


  • Yukiko Shikata

    Yukiko Shikata

    Yukiko Shikata
    Creative curator

    Audi goes by the slogan “Drive Mindfully”. The mini car race which is jointly held by Audi Spain and FB Barcelona has become a battle of the minds for participating athletes. The level of concentration of these top European athletes who are fitted with MindWave devices is reflected in their driving speed. Everything that is going on at the scene, whether it be the athlete’s behavior, the speeding cars, or real-time graphics, is filled with pure thrill that can only be described as the ultimate man-machine interface. Media art made attempts in the early nineties to use brain waves, but currently companies are realizing that Fab is gaining traction and these attempts are being implemented in science and technology, industry and entertainment in an unprecedented manner.

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