Alexia Lechot (Switzerland)

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By Alexia Lechot (Switzerland)


Deltu is a delta robot (usually used for 3D printers) with a personality that interacts with humans through two iPads. Depending on his mood, it plays with you but if you make too many mistakes, Deltu just might get upset and decide to ignore you. Frustrated, Deltu will leave the game and take some selfies to post on Instagram.

The relationships we have with robots/AI created to enhance our performance, have now become a source of learning. This is unique and exciting. The place of robots/AI in society has not yet been defined and remains to be determined; for me it is the best source of inspiration.



Deltu is not a kit. Everything is made step by step. I used an Arduino Uno, and ProtoShield , three servomotors with metal gears, twelve boule linkages, twelve lock nuts, a spring, a mini stylus, some screws, and a lot of love! Deltu is made with wood to making him look more friendly. The wood is cut by a CNC. And the legs and arms are made with copper.


  • Hiroya Tanaka

    Hiroya Tanaka

    Hiroya Tanaka
    Professor at Keio University, Representative of SFC Social Fabrication Lab

    I love how this entry takes the delta frame (parallel ring structure), which is widely used as one of the structures in 3D printing, and uses woodworking to transform it into an exquisite piece that looks like furniture. I also think it’s fascinating how it looks like it is suspended and how it is combined with an information device that serves as an exhibit piece.

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