Eisen hertz

Taketo Kobayashi (Japan)

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By Taketo Kobayashi (Japan)

Eisen hertz

The Eisenharts was created using Tamiya’s Mini 4WD cars, with the body constructed by 3D printing. With the help of Altair Engineering and the CAD software “Inspire”, a body cover for a Mini 4WD car was created using “topology optimization calculations.” This optimized shape is not merely optimized in the sense of structure or efficiency, but has the same kind of beauty found in nature.

The projects I’ve worked on: XSENSE, More Than Human, and YAOYOROZ, have a common theme. That theme is the pursuit of technology’s potential as art. Even much of the technology developed with an industrial purpose has the potential to become art, depending on how it is used. On the other hand, to display the potential (and limitations) of a singular piece of technology through its form is an act of contemporary art in itself. New value is created in crossing borders and eliminating the line dividing art and industry. Even in the creation of this piece, as I utilized structural calculations, I created a model which pursued art in its beauty and stylish form.


Used Lightwave to model the base⇒OBJ⇒Drew up using IGES⇒Used Inspire to optimize topology⇒ Created design based on these dimensions⇒Printed with 3D printer


Planing, modeling, design
Taketo Kobayashi
Topology optimization
ALTIA Co., Ltd.
3D print
iJet Incorporated


  • Kyle Li

    Kyle Li

    Kyle Li
    Program Director of BFA Design & Technology at Parsons School of Design

    This is a nostalgic piece with a brilliant twist! The cross-disciplinary process of making Eisen Hertz is everything that is awesome about contemporary digital fabrication. In order to achieve the highest state of weight saving, the designer brought in a professional software that is normally used in mechanical design for weight saving to produce the base form factor to iterate on. The algorithm behind the software becomes the muse of an original design.

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