Leaked Light Field

Kazuki Takazawa (Japan)

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By Kazuki Takazawa (Japan)

Leaked Light Field

Most of the surface material of displays around us have been limited to a smooth material such as glass or plastic. It is not possible to be embedded in an object by the natural appearance any more. We propose a new display that can change the material of the surface not only glass or plastic but also all materials like wooden board, grained board or mirror for conquer to the weak point of previous displays. The material which isn’t penetrated by the new display that we propose is done like a board. We make 100μm of pinhole in the surface of the board to through the ray from the backlight.



Firstly, we process the material into a sheet that will be used for the desired display surface (material that is naturally thin, like leather, can be directly used without further processing). By making microscopic holes in the material, we can use it to display information without compromising on the feel of the material.

Next, we design the resolution of the display and the hole positions on 2DCAD. Using the design data, we create the holes using a CO2 laser machine (Cut-Key). The pattern used for the display image will be laid out according to the number and position of the holes.


Kazuki Takazawa, Kenta Suzuki
Yoichi Ochiai


  • Nicolas Lassabe

    Nicolas Lassabe

    Nicolas Lassabe
    Co-founder of Artilect and Co-founder of ORCAS

    We need more projects like “Leaked Light Field” in order to prove digital fabrication (Fab) is not only 3D printing and laser cutting simple shape. Digital fabrication could be a way to do design differently and do new things which are not possible without these technologies. This project shows how we can use lots of different materials as a display. I like the potential of this project because there are lots of applications to develop it.

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