Q. Can I submit more than one entry?
Yes, there is no limit to the number of entries you may submit. If submitting multiple entries, please prepare an entry form for each submission.
Q. How do I apply?
Submissions for YouFab can be made only through the online platform AWRD, operated by Loftwork, Inc. It is necessary to sign up for an AWRD account for entry. Accounts are free of charge.
Q. How many Grand Prizes and First Prizes will be awarded?
One entry will be awarded as the Grand Prize and one entry will be awarded for the First Prize. These two will be selected from all entries in all categories.
Q. Can we submit entries of works which have already been made public?
Yes, you can submit works regardless of whether they have already been made public or if they have yet to be revealed.
Q. Can I send in my entry via snail mail?
Entries will only be accepted if they are submitted according to the guidelines stipulated in “How to enter”, therefore all submissions must be made online via AWRD.com.
Q. How can I check if my entry has been submitted properly?
If your entry is submitted properly, you will receive a confirmation email from YouFab at the email address used to create an account on AWRD. Please note that your session may timeout if you stay on the entry form for a long period. It is recommended to first save the contents you wish to register onto the entry form offline and then submit the form.
Q. What format should the video file be in?
Please upload the video file online, and write the URL where the video can be viewed on the entry form. Please use the file format specified by the website that you upload the video to. If you have set the privacy settings to private, please include the password to view the video on the entry form.
Q. When submitting work done for a client, do I need to get permission from the client beforehand?
You can only submit works that you, the entrant, hold the copyrights to.
Q. Can I submit works that are difficult to reproduce such as performing arts?
Performing arts can be submitted. However, you need to submit video footage of the performance.
Q. I would like to use my native language, which isn’t English. Is that ok?
YouFab accepts applications written in other than English. However, please be aware that the judgment will be made in English so we recommend that there be an English explanation along with the submitted language. Any applications that are not in English will be translated by YouFab committee using a free online translation tool for the judges to review.
Q. Can companies enter the awards?
Yes, companies can enter. Please submit your entry in the General category.
Q. If we are entering as a team and there are students and non-students in our group, which category should we enter?
Please submit your entry to whichever category your team leader belongs to.
Q. I am having trouble uploading my submission. Who should I contact?
If you have any problems with your submission, please contact us at