YouFab Meetups in FabCafe Taipei!

Jul.13, 2024

By YouFab 2018 Executive Committee

Polemica!! How do you rebel? And against what?

YouFab 2018 MEETUP
透過自主能量撞擊「數位 ✕ 製造」現場

The YouFab team in Taipei is holding 2 YouFab meetups at FabCafe Taipei!

This year’s YouFab2018 theme “Polemica!! How do you rebel? And against what?” is boldly controversial! How do you rebel? What are you fighting against? Why do you do it? What is the status quo you are against? The spirit of autonomy can be seen through the process of making works. In Taiwan, whether we are on the streets to resist authority or to rebel systems, we can all see the desire to break through. Finding the energy of a new reaction and deepening the value brought by freedom is an issue we expect YouFab to bring to Taiwan.

A voice from the soul of the rebel, the impact of “Digital × Fabrication” raising many thought provoking questions. Is digital fabrication simply a technology? What kind of tool does it have the potential to be? What is the true potential of digital fabrication? invited creators in Taiwan to share their insights and thoughts. We hope to begin the conversation from the perspective of “Digital × Fabrication”, going beyond the past understanding of “Digital Fabrication”.

On the other hand, YouFab’s mission is to spread the spirit of “digital manufacturing” in the world and to support the new “aesthetics”. YouFab supports the ability to reflect on past and future aesthetic experiences and propose new insights and breakthroughs when challenging innovation in Taiwan.

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