Next STEAM! YouFab Kick Off Party at FabCafe Bangkok!

Fab Meetup Vol. 10 in FabCafe Bangkok

FabCafe Bangkok’s Fab Meetup Vol. 13 will be happening in a special way! FabCafe Bangkok Co founder Kalaya Kovidvisith will host a special edition the Fab Meetup as a YouFab 2019 Kick Off Party!

Fab Meetup is a regular event held at FabCafe Bangkok where people share ideas and experiences over a relaxing drink in the company of fabbers from diverse backgrounds. At each meetup, selected creators present their Fab work and experiences.

For the Fab Meetup Bangkok, Vol. 13, Co founder of FabCafe Bangkok Kalaya Kovidvisith will introduce the YouFab Global Creative Awards and share her experiences in the field of STEAM education.

Working with the theme of technology and creativity within education, Kalaya will speak about her insight from her experience at MIT Media Lab’s Lifelong Kindergarten group. The Lifelong Kindergarten group engages people in creative learning experiences through new technologies and activities. Kalaya will also talk about how the future will change with digital fabrication and how boundaries within digital fabrication have been shifting in recent years.

Following this, the usual Fab Meetup style will commence with presentations from Cloud Floor, The Trust:Anti-corruption game and SpaceTH.co. After presentations by speakers, there will be a networking opportunity where creators can gather, meet, inspire and be inspired by exciting ideas and projects.



When astronomy lovers bring us closer to outer space.

SpaceTH.CO, a Best New Blog 2017 winner, is a website initiated by high schoolers who turn their passion for space into writing. Their work sparks up education for the next generation.



Cloud-floor  is an alternative architectural practice and global think-tank committed to improving the intelligent urban structural systems and its physical network. By implementing the local scale, a research backdrop is created for investigating a global solution by merging organisational relationships, urban mobility and construction technology throughout the urban system. Their research explores and unfolds every possibility as a variant model by representing the ideas as visualisations related to urban prototyping modules to be used in the future. The goals is to deliver the inventive yet practical throughout their integration with the city cores.

Several specialised teams are involved in Cloud-floor’s research to ensure a broader range of creative solutions. Cloud-floor is run by Nattapong Phattanagosai, who received a Master’s degree in 2012 specialising in ‘Membrane and Lightweight Structure’ from the Institute for Membrane and Shell Technologies, Hochschule Anhalt, Germany. Co-founder of the studio, Donlaporn Chanachai graduated with a Master’s degree in 2012 from Städelschule Architecture Class (SAC), Germany, directed by Ben Van Berkel and Johan Bettum, with a specialisation in ‘Architecture and Performative Design’.



The Trust: Anti-Corruption Game

Let the Games Begin!

Please welcome our third speaker, Sorawan Siripongpreda, a mastermind behind the award winning board game ‘The Trust: Anti-Corruption Game‘ that fosters the anti-corruption culture through creative learning.

Event Information

Entrance to the meetup is free and everyone is welcome to take part, regardless of experience with fabrication! This meetup will be especially interesting for anyone interested in networking with makers, creators who incorporate digital fabrications into their work, or are curious to do so, and anyone who is interested in applying for YouFab Global Creative Awards 2019. 

The Meetup will be held at FabCafe Bangkok on 21 September 17.30-20.30. To join the Meetup, please see the FabCafe Bangkok’s Fab Meetup event page and respond via Facebook.

・Date: 2019/ 09 / 21(Saturday) 17:30 / Open –  20:30 / Close
・Place: FabCafe Bangkok
・Cost: Free
・Guests: Cloud Floor, The Trust: Anti-Corruption Game, SpaceTH
・Moderator: Kalaya Kovidvisith

YouFab Global Creative Awards 2019

YouFab Global Creative Awards are global design awards organized by FabCafe for new creatives that celebrate digital fabrication. The YouFab Award seeks and evaluates works that promote the asking of new questions and push the limits of current ‘Fab’ models. Applications are currently open for this year’s awards under the theme of ‘Conviviality’. The event is the perfect opportunity for any creators interested in applying to find out more information, including information about YouFab2019’s special award “Next STEAM Prize”, sponsored by Panasonic Corporation, which calls for works under the theme of “Technology design for fostering new discoveries and creativity”. 

About YouFab 2019 prizes and opportunities:

  • Prize money of 1,000 – 3,000 USD per work (more than one may be selected). 
  • An opportunity to exhibit at the YouFab Exhibition 2019 (March 2020, Tokyo); an opportunity to exhibit at 100BANCH and other Panasonic-related facilities (Summer 2020, Tokyo). 
  • An invitation to the Award Ceremony in Japan (March 2020, Tokyo). 
  • There is a possibility to receive budget support for fine-tuning your work!