Contactless (by default)Contactless (by default)

As the pandemic continues, we have seen the world undergo sever urban blockades, as well as social distancing, which has forced sudden changes to our social systems and personal lifestyles. At YouFab this year, we focus on seeking designs that bestow richness in humanity and physicality in this new situation, as well as those that present actual experiences, in a world where being contactless is stronger by default.

2020.8.1(SAT) OPEN CALL2020.8.1(SAT) OPEN CALL



YouFab is an award run by FabCafe since 2012, that began as a competition for creators to simply come together.
We aim to build the creator's community by building a platform that connects the creators directly with society.
We seek for works that reflect upon current events that affect our world today.
We are looking for how you connected bridges between various elements such as the environment,
the social, the economic, and the political, with design.