Evolving Human Performance Through Clothing: Q&A With Vollebak CEO and Co-Founder Steve Tidball

Founded in 2016 by Tidball and his twin brother, Nick, Vollebak uses science and technology to create clothing from the future. From the world’s first Graphene jacket, made using the only material in the world with a Nobel Prize, some of the toughest T-shirts on earth made out of materials such as carbon fibre usually found in jet engines and supercars and the same embedded ceramic technology as the International Space Station, and 100 Year Pants built to withstand fire, nature, water, and the rest of this century, Vollebak has been behind some of the coolest and most innovative items of clothing in recent years. The company has won innovation awards from TIME and Fast Company and has been compared to Tesla and elBulli in its commitment to the future.

Steve chatted to FabCafe about his inspiration, the role clothing plays in increasing the plasticity of human life and the future of the fashion industry post COVID-19.

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