Francesca Dare



During the coronavirus pandemic, a lot of thought and care has been put into protecting our physical health by remaining at a distance. But at almost 6 months in, there is little to no consideration to sexual health.

This is why I have designed ‘Contactfull’ – a mobile app and adult toy range designed for distanced lovers.

The toys can be controlled remotely through the app itself or manually with a variety of vibration and pressure modes. The main feature however is the idea of bidirectional control – when one partner moves their toy, the paired toy responds and vice versa.

They are also bionic so that the model e’s interior and model i’s overall size and shape can be changed.

Users would select from preloaded shapes, design a custom shape, or mould after their partner. It then resets to a discrete shape after use, so can be left out in plain view. This design makes the product more approachable as this subject can sometimes be taboo.

The corresponding contactless app connects the devices and comes with;
• digital date night ideas and reminders
• games and suggestions
• communication and relationship advice

This is designed for contact in a contactless world.

Francesca Dare

Edinburgh, Scotland

Francesca is an analyst and designer. In 2010, Francesca graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Interior Design (BID) from Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada. Francesca’s design training helped her build a successful career as an analyst by applying creative approaches to solving problems. After a decade of working, Francesca recently returned to post-secondary education to advance her career in design. She is currently a master’s student at Napier University, in Edinburgh, Scotland, where she is studying for her MA in Product Design Making. Francesca brings her analytical experience to her design practice. Her passion for design comes from its multifunctionality. Design can be art. Design can communicate ideas. Design can disrupt the narrative. And it can solve problems.Currently, Francesca lives, works, and creates in Edinburgh, with her engineer husband.